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EGuides, Email Exchanges not available until further notice

Dear Readers,

Please subscribe to this blog to be notified when the EGuides/Email Exchange will be available. I’ve recently had the misfortune of having to deal with a fraudulent transaction via Paypal. The buyer made a dispute over an EGuide purchase, saying they did not authorize the transaction, but Paypal was not able to reimburse me because digital goods are not covered. The buyer’s financial institution also made a chargeback against my account.

When I went to find out how to resolve this, I discovered this type of dispute is very common for many, many Paypal business members who end up losing a lot of money despite delivering the digital products.

Rather than having to spend hours dealing with this again, I decided to stop making any purchases available on this blog until further notice. I’ve removed all links to Paypal. I apologize to those who never got to read the EGuides or obtain an Email Exchange from me. Please follow this blog until I figure out a better way.

Nevertheless, thank you for being a faithful reader and/or past purchaser of the EGuides/Email Exchange. I hope you have been well served!

One Truth

P.S. Those viewing the blog on smartphones may not see all my posts, so please read more articles found in posts.


Dear Readers,

I apologize for not posting in a while. Over the years, you have all been faithfully reading my blog and commenting. Your purchases of my EGuides and Email Exchanges have helped support this blog. To you I want to say with warm appreciation, “THANK YOU!”

I believe I’ve covered almost everything there is within my power regarding the topic “Let Men Chase You”, both in the blog and in the EGuides. So I’ve decided to take a break from posting until something warrants writing about that is fresh and new. I believe readers will likely find the answers they need in the blog’s numerous posts, articles, and comments, or by purchasing the EGuides and Email Exchange.

Meanwhile, feel free to ask questions or introduce topics in the comments and I’d be happy to address them.

Since I do not receive any income from the WordPress ads on the blog, your purchase of the EGuides or Email Exchanges will be a contribution that I very much appreciate and value.

I am proud of the fact that this blog has helped to educate a lot of girls and women on the importance of prizing themselves and not be satisfied with crumbs or be mistreated.

Best wishes in implementing the principles. You may not get a perfect man or the man of your dreams, but in following the principles, any man you let in your heart will cherish you absolutely.

One Truth



Love can’t be planned

There are some things in life that do not go according to plan.

Study plans can work. Business plans can work. Career plans can work. Financial plans can work. Life plans can work — maybe.

But love? Love is never a plan nor can it be planned. You can go out there and do everything possible to the best of your knowledge, but you may end up meeting no one you can love or who can love you back.

When you aren’t meeting anyone, you just keep going on. You don’t get obsessed or frustrated — you go about your life and focus on what makes you happy.

However, what if you end up being pursued by someone who doesn’t fit your idea of a boyfriend or partner? Do you reject the opportunity or do you give it a try?

I say, “Give it a try.” Unless the guy is harmful to your well-being or grosses you out, it doesn’t hurt to chance something that could turn out to be something solid and beautiful and guess what? Exactly what you need that you didn’t know about!

Just maybe — maybe you don’t know everything. Maybe you aren’t aware that your career would skyrocket if you were with some easygoing guy who gives you peace instead of that exciting hunk who would give you emotional pain. Maybe you aren’t aware you prefer a guy who can whip up delicious waffles for breakfast instead of a guy who likes to sleep in and cuddle. Maybe you aren’t aware you would actually love to travel around the world with a nomad even though you’re programmed to date a guy who wants to settle down and have babies.

We don’t know everything, and that includes knowing ourselves. We don’t always know our deepest needs and desires. We’re too busy living our lives to find out, so it manifests itself in our choices. Then after we choose, we find out that “Wow, this is NOT what I need!” or “Wow, this is EXACTLY what I need!”

So, remember, don’t cast individuals with a broad brush and label them too quickly. Unless they are harmful or disgusting, love can be your sweetest surprise.

Don’t plan love.


When words speak louder than action

Does action always speak louder than words? You’d think so. But there is an exception.

What if a guy is doing all the right things: asking and taking you out, paying for dates, making the first move, introducing you to his friends and family, etc.

Yet….he keeps telling you he isn’t looking for a girlfriend. He isn’t ready for a commitment. He just wants to have fun. He thinks of you as a friend. Yada yada yada.

What should you believe? His actions or his words?

In this case, where you are investing time and energy in being with him, you should believe his WORDS. Why? Because a guy who wants a committed relationship would NEVER say those things. If he is serious about being your boyfriend one day, the last thing a guy wants to do is to turn you off — essentially lose your interest .

Don’t get caught up in the whirlwind of romance if his words don’t match what he’s doing. If what he says tells you he sees no future with you, the first thing you should do is to end the whole charade. You’re clearly not into this kind of fun and games if you want a boyfriend.

Perpetual daters are those who want female companionship without the obligation of being a boyfriend, so that when they do become ready one day or meet a woman they truly fancy, they’d drop you. Or keep stringing you along on the side if they have time for you. You don’t want to be that gal.

So, yes, I stress making sure the guy you’re seeing is taking action. But if his words contradict what he is doing, and he is not on the same page you’re on, then all the wining and dining will only waste your time and cause you emotional pain.

Save your love for a man whose actions and words make sense together.


Not every guy wants a Prize Catch

Not every man out there is attracted to a Prize Catch, so please do not fret when a guy neglects to ask you out or commit to you. Some men want a woman who has low self-esteem, who has behavioral problems, who is mean-spirited, or otherwise the opposite of what a Prize Catch is.

Just as some women are attracted to abusers and leeches, some men simply zero in on the kind of woman who reenacts for them the dysfunctional dynamic of their upbringing.

Just because you have mastered the art of being a Prize Catch doesn’t mean you will win over all the men you might meet. People easily cover up their deeper issues so you wouldn’t know what they are right away. Dating allows you to get to know someone, but it takes a lot of time spent together in various situations as well as meeting their social circle and family to truthfully and more completely take in who he is.

Don’t pine away over a guy who didn’t make it happen. He may simply not be attracted to a woman who has her act together. He might want a wild crazy type who bankrupts him and calls the cops on him. Or one who fakes pregnancy to get him to commit. Yes, some men love drama and find drama queens sexy, believe it or not. Despite some of these men being nice and stable, they can’t resist the lure of what appears to be exciting. There are plenty of stories written by these broken hearts if you’re curious.

Basically, you don’t always know WHY a guy lets you, a Prize Catch, get away, except his preference for something else other than a Prize Catch could be a possible reason. And if that’s the case, too bad he thinks he deserves less, right?

So, keep feeling great about yourself and keep moving forward because you aren’t looking for a handout. You’re looking for a man who can value who you are and recognize you’re…his Prize.


Erroneous views of marriage

In America, some statistics show over 70% of the divorces are filed by women. Yet women more than men are the ones who seek marriage as the ultimate validation of themselves, often making a big fanfare of their wedding day.

When the marriage isn’t working and a divorce is filed, some women celebrate as well — often very publicly on social media, blasting it out to the world — when perhaps it should be a time of grieving, reflection, and learning.

This means only one thing. These women have a very erroneous view of marriage and what it takes.

It is not supposed to mimic a fairytale, a romance novel, or a movie.

It is not so you can change the man (who has so much “potential”) and make him the man of your dreams.

It is not so you can start a family even though he doesn’t want to be a father (or would make a bad one).

It is not so you can validate yourself as a desirable woman.

It is not so you can make your parents or peers happy and earn their approval and acceptance.

It is not so you can be a princess for the day.

It is not so you will never be lonely.

It is not so you won’t ever have to worry about money again (which you’ll pay for in other ways).

The common fantasy is that marriage should solve all these problems — when it does not. In fact, these issues are often the same reasons why women file for divorce. They are STILL lonely after being married. Their husbands are STILL the same guy who refuses to change. They are STILL living a mediocre life that doesn’t look at all like a fairytale. They STILL don’t feel good about themselves despite making everybody else happy. And after having a baby, life actually doesn’t get easier but tougher.

What does this tell you?

If you are single, be glad. Be very glad. You can now screen your suitors carefully. You can decide on the right guy to be with so you can be good partners for each other.

Now is the time for you to avoid being a statistic. Marriage is not a means to happiness. It does not get rid of loneliness, anxiety, stress, nor does it give you self-esteem. For these problems, you have to do inner work or consult a good therapist.

Marriage works best when two people are ready to share the abundance of what they already have, not when they are seeking to eliminate their deficiencies through a spouse. And that is only ONE factor. (Read about the Five Pillars of what makes a relationship work.)

To minimize drama and stress, marry for the right reason:

To commit to a long-term relationship where two people can share their love and grow — both individually and as a couple. 

This way, if any problems arise or even if a divorce becomes unavoidable down the road, you will know you put your best foot forward and you can live without regrets.

Remember, we are talking about the 21st century marriage, not the antiquated concept of the past where marriage is to take place at all costs because the clock is ticking, it’s economically convenient, or society approves.


Does initiating EVER work?

Let me tell you why some people claim it works when women initiate. Both women and men have told me this. Even some of you readers!

Now don’t think I ignored you. I pondered for a long time on it. But I think I’ve cracked the mystery…

One man I met last year told me, “If it weren’t for my wife telling me she wanted to date me, I would never have gotten around to it.”

Now this man and woman are pretty happy together as far as I know. And they’d been married for a long time.

So why follow my advice that as a woman, you shouldn’t initiate? Since I can’t assume you are convinced just because I say so, I will lay it all out for you. I will tell you why initiating works for some women with some men. Then you can decide if you want to do the same.

When would initiating work?

Besides approaching a man in the manner and under the circumstances delineated in  “How to Show Your Interest in a Man”, which should be in every Prize Catch’s dating arsenal, here are the instances where your initiation is more likely to work than otherwise:

  • When you are initiating with a man BELOW YOUR LEAGUE (as in level of attractiveness, education level, income level, position in society, etc.) Example: You are a nine in the looks department and he is a three. You have a college degree and he is a high school dropout. You come from parents who are doctors and he lives in the trailer park. You are 25 and he is 55.
  • When you are initiating with a man who may or may not be in your league, but has self-esteem issues, lacks social skills, or has some kind of limiting belief that temporarily keeps him passive — all of which he is WILLING TO OVERCOME because of you. The man I mentioned above had doubts about being in a relationship again after a bad divorce, and after the woman initiated enough times, he found himself enjoying her company so much he decided to commit to her and eventually marry her. She was also 20 years younger than he was, so she had two factors in her favor when she initiated. It was a gamble of course for her, because she could have wasted her time on him if he hadn’t responded to her positively — which can happen even if a man is below your league.

You get the gist.

This is why rich, famous women can initiate and have relationships work in their favor. Most of the men they encounter and are attracted to, while perhaps younger, are below their league in terms of income and position in society.

And this is also why men face more challenges when they initiate with women above their league than when they do so with women in the same league or below their league.

This “league” is a popular term that is thrown around a lot but it does accurately describe why most couples are usually of the same league (as in level of attractiveness, education, income, and background). And why there are fewer couples out there with a big disparity between them, where one is obviously out of the other’s league in every category.

Of course, what constitutes a “league” can be pretty subjective. If a man you are in love with is overweight and you’re not, but you don’t mind because he’s a gentleman and knows how to make you happy, you wouldn’t say he was below your league even if your friends think so.

So, voila. now you know when initiation MIGHT work.

And let me add, because most women almost instinctively want to end up with a man in the same league or higher, avoiding men “below their league” if they can, it is imperative that these women do not initiate with the men they are attracted to. Chances are, it just wouldn’t work.

Now if these men were below their league, these “higher-aiming” women would have a better shot.

Of course, there are exceptions to everything, as a man “below your league” can still lose interest or won’t commit. But hopefully this gives you a clearer picture as far as when initiating can work and when it most likely won’t. So if you are one of these “high aimers”, you’ve been duly warned.


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