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Only THREE types of men

July 25, 2013


1. Men who don’t know you to do anything about you.
2. Men who do know you but do not pursue you.
3. Men who know you and pursue you (SUITORS).

The third group of men are the only men you need ever deal with in dating.

The other two are inconsequential to your dating experience, NO MATTER how hot, cute, and perfect they are.

There is absolutely NOTHING you can do about the first two groups of men.

If a man doesn’t know you and you are trying to get his attention, then you are doing the pursuing.

If you are his type and your paths cross, don’t worry — you’ll catch his eye.

And for the men who do know you, there is nothing you can do except be a challenge.

Questions for YOU:

  • Have you tried getting attention from men who didn’t know you? Did he end up pursuing you?
  • Have you tried getting attention from men who knew you but didn’t pursue you?
  • What worked, what didn’t?

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  1. Gingerlily permalink

    This is so true I don’t care what anyone thinks just because we are in the 21st century men are still men and women are still women changes in styles does not mean crap! If you are a feminine confident woman stick to the rules and follow them to prevent yourself unnecessary pain and and all kinds of desperate and embarssing behaviors. I have experienced this with a woman in my work place who has been aggressively pursuing a man who is not interested in her and plotting and setting up gigs for him so she could hang out with him and showing up at places she knows he will be this is useless. This is obvious he is not interested so why do this?

    • Gingerlily,

      Because she doesn’t believe that despite being in the 21st century and despite all the men (including the ones who post on this blog ranting against chasing women) who want women to make the first moves, men fundamentally do not desire or respect a woman who does the chasing.

      Men for the most part do not have any idea WHY they don’t cherish the woman who chases them. It’s up to the woman to know that and therefore, steer clear of making a fool out of herself like your co-worker!

      Glad you know better.

  2. Ann permalink

    I met this guy several years ago, we met again by sheer coincidence a few months ago. He told me he had a girlfriend.we exchanged numbers on a strictly friend bases, and then he started pursuing me..a year later and he is still pursuing me and I can’t seem to shake him. He knows I dnt want a serious relationship yet he calls everyday and constantly wants to be in my company. He invites me out constantly and no not at night, even in public spots where he will be seen with me. We eventually did have sex, but his attention as never changed and I’m now trying to end the friendship but he won’t go and keeps finding constant reasons to stall me. He hasn’t made any demands of me and understands my desire for not wanting a permanent relationship. I’m confused… I must admit I’ve gotten caught up in him pursuing me n I can’t deny that Ive like it… I’m not trying to end his relationship, I’ve told him to keep his relationship because I’m not looking for commitment with him. My problem is why is he so understanding and why won’t he go?

    • Ann,

      Firstly, what were you doing seeing a guy who has a girlfriend? A Prize Catch has too much self-respect and respect for other women to be dating an attached man.

      You decided to enjoy yourself with him behind her back, using the excuse of not wanting a serious relationship to justify seeing him.

      But for all intents and purposes, you are acting like you ARE in one. You’re going out with him, kissing him, and sleeping with him. That is what a girlfriend does.

      You didn’t state if he is still with that girlfriend. I will assume he is.

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      Hope to assist you!

  3. I need your advise,..My name is Sara, and I been like this person since 2011. But that year he was still with hes Ex-Girlfriend. so I kind of let go of it. but then I found out that he Broke up with her. I pursue myself to get his number to my other co-worker. and I keep in touch with him. I started texting him Month of January.. and first we had Date and 3 days later I sleep with him. Because I really like him. but then I realize that he wanted it. As a Friend when I told him that I like him..Right after I found out that hes with Someone right now in Hawaii. The girl that he talk too..I have so many things to share my feelings. Right now I felt so much Pain.

    • Sara,

      You allowed your feelings to develop for him before he offered any proof of his interest in you. And when you found out he’s with someone else, you are left with unreciprocated feelings and disappointment. You are left with pain.

      There are things you must be aware of which I can tell you about. For a lot more info, Order EGuides Today, or Get Personalized Advice via confidential Email Exchange.

      Hope to assist you!

      • Hi, I wanna thank you for your reply.. And I am so Ashamed that what you had wrote is all can I be so blind of not knowing it… All i could think of was him. I did not care in the first place as long that I am with him. It would turned and see me as a women. But it did not turned out that way, Im such a fool. And look what happened i am the one who’s being end up hurting.. I thank you so much.

        • Sara,

          You’re welcome! Don’t be ashamed. Nothing to be ashamed of! You made some mistakes, which are lessons for you to learn from so you can turn things around in a positive way. Practice loving yourself each and every day and you’ll be able to recognize when you’re not treated in a way you deserve. You will feel more and more like a Prize who commands self-worth that requires men to step up or be ignored!

  4. bgrits permalink

    Kind of reminds me what my grandma thought me about three types of men (not including platonic friends that you have no interest in). She said: 1. Men that you just screw (not preferable but hey it gets like that sometime) 2. Men you date 3. Men you marry. She said that some can move through the rankings but most stay in their lane and you must not try to force them into another group

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