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Fear of losing his interest

January 22, 2014

When you are afraid he’ll never contact you again, you will be more likely to initiate and be too available.

When you are afraid he’ll meet someone else, you will be more likely to tolerate bad treatment in order to keep him around.

When you are afraid he’ll lose interest, you won’t be able to be a Prize Catch. You will become DESPERATE.

There are ZERO BENEFITS in being afraid of losing a guy. Because, just what are you losing?

A guy who can’t step up?

A guy who doesn’t cherish you?

A guy who can’t be bothered?

A guy who isn’t around enough?

A guy who uses you for sex?

A guy who is lazy and passive?

A guy who lets you do all the work?

A guy who can’t commit?

A guy who is in and out of your life?

The only thing you should be afraid of is getting a guy who can’t cherish you. Other than that, there is NOTHING to be afraid of.

You see, everything he does or doesn’t do is INFORMATION that you can use to assess what to do next.

If he doesn’t take you out on dates, he’s letting you know he’s not valuing you.

If he doesn’t express love and affection, he’s letting you know he doesn’t need to in order to keep you.

If he doesn’t step up and make you his girlfriend, he’s telling you he wants to be available for other women.

When this is what you see and hear, it’s time to pull back. Time to give him space so he gets to experience what it’s like without you.

You don’t want to waste time with the wrong guy, right?

So don’t be afraid to do what it takes to see what he’s made of. That could be the ONLY WAY you’ll ever know if he deserves you.

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  1. moonbeam permalink

    I’ve been reading this website since Aug 2013 to absorb the “mindset” of a prize-catch and apply it in my everyday life (I’ve also bought 1 E-guide). I have done so (I’m pursuing all my passions….there’s too much to do everyday!), but I must say, and I feel *silly* for thinking this, but….I keep thinking about a guy who I definitely did not act like a prize catch around! I did everything wrong lol. He and I go to the same university but we’re in different grad programs. I never see him so I keep hoping I’ll bump into him so I can act like the prize catch I am around him….yes, I KNOW this sounds ridiculous. I can’t stop thinking about him, but I wish I could…and I’m busy enough for 5 lifetimes!

    • Moonbeam,

      First, thanks for referring to this blog since last year and ordering the EGuide. Just being a Prize Catch is an accomplishment in and of itself. Congratulations.

      It’s easy to get discouraged when there is no suitor, but when you are already a catch, you won’t need to scramble and be desperate when the suitor does appear. You don’t ever want to be caught off guard. That guy you’re into might just be around the corner…

      Actually it’s very natural to want to rectify your mistakes and prove yourself. However, who knows the exact reasons for a guy to choose not to pursue you. That is why I wrote that article, “Reasons Why a Man Doesn’t Pursue”.

      Remember, if he isn’t nuts about you, does he really deserve to occupy your mental space?

  2. NinaNina permalink

    Hi. I’m not really sure where I should post my testimonial for One Truth. So, I looked at the list of titles on the right side and I thought maybe I should post it on the page of the best title. And this title would be my favorite, the best in my opinion.

    For dear readers, I would want to share some of my views on advice that contains in the set of the EGuides. The reason I bought the whole set of the EGuides is because of this blog. The blog has helped me to rethink of what I have been taught not just by the society but by the media as well. I would like first to thank One Truth for creating this blog. All the articles posted on this blog are written with the aim to shake up the very brain of the desperate females. Targeting to change the poor mentality of the desperate females is a job taken up by One Truth for free that would save your lost souls. Buying the EGuides is one of the ways for me to thank him. note: I say “desperate females” not as a judgment but this behaviour is ingrained in the system of the females. The females would not realize this because they were taught that it is the right thing to do. So no offence please.

    I would say that, it is important for readers to first read through all of the articles on this blog. Please read all of them. And read all of the comments too. Then only you would have the feeling of either you need the EGuides. Because you might start to question, what is it in the EGuides that you don’t have on the blog? What’s the secret in the EGuides that would change your life as a female? EGuides are for keeps. You spend some of your hard-earned cash on something that would save your lost souls. Something that would turn your focus back on yourself (this is the essence of the EGuides I would say). Something that would give you the power for you to be back on your own both feet again. Eliminating the poor mentality of you taking crumbs or practicing desperate behaviour. Eliminating your FEAR. Opening the door for you to a whole new dimension – your own existing LIFE. Yes. Your LIFE needs you. Badly. note: I always regard my LIFE as my baby (your inner child). Do you want to take care of the baby or do you want to feed crumbs, anxiety, worries, sleepless nights to the baby? Always ask this question to yourself

    But, how to do it? How are we going to be reborn again? We have been “taught” desperate behaviour since we were little. How to be a girl or a woman in these days of people becoming disposable just like the diapers? How to be the Prize Catch? How to spark the feminine energy? Do you think by acting as a caring person towards your dream guy would help you spark the feminine energy? Do you think by being by his side all the time without any efforts from him to gain that benefit would make you the girl that he will cherish? Actually, do you want to be cherished by him? Then, act like one.

    Be a girl. Be a woman. Don’t be a man (I know you don’t realise this). Just don’t. Really. Just don’t. Don’t do it. Let him be the man. Let him do the job. CUT HIM LOOSE (don’t worry this is the right thing to do). And let him chase you. The minute you dating your LIFE, the minute you dating yourself, the minute you dating every aspect of your being, the man will literally become your side dish. Nothing more. No matter how handsome or how interesting he is.

    And you start to gain the Prize Catch behaviour. Inside and outside. Your are full of life and gracious. Do you want this? If you do, then act like you want it. Read the blog. Get the EGuides if the blog spits nothing in your face. Be ready for your head to be reprogrammed (this is major, the main process). Trust me, it’s a great journey to gain your self-worth again. It’s very powerful to be a female inside and outside. It feels sexy watching him gets to be a man. Let’s find out the secret.

  3. So Jacob worked seven years for Rachel, and they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her.
    -Genesis 29:20

  4. NinaNina permalink

    This post has hit the nail on my head. Thank you.

  5. anna permalink

    Write more advice on steps you can take to be a prize catch. Would you consider that the only active part of the dating game for girls?

    • Anna,

      It all begins with self-worth. Knowing you deserve to be chased and cherished. Yes, being a Prize is really all you have to do, where you focus on your mind, body, and soul, and let him worry about dates. Don’t forget to sleep like a princess.

      For more information, Get In-Depth Advice Now via confidential Email Exchange, or get your secret weapon in dating when you Order EGuides Today.

      Hope to help you further!

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