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Are you the Meantime Girl?

April 5, 2014

You could very well be the Meantime Girl in his life.


By not becoming his official girlfriend even after you’ve dated him, kissed him, slept with him, taken trips with him, had his babies, or met his Mom.

So what’s he waiting for? Why doesn’t he make you his girlfriend? Why doesn’t he make you his wife?

Well, maybe because he’s on the lookout for someone else?

He doesn’t think you’re The One?

He doesn’t know what he wants? (Though it’s clear he doesn’t really want you.)

He’s bored and needs a female to play with, and you make it convenient for him while he’s got other priorities?

He doesn’t want to be alone while he’s still looking?

He doesn’t care to ever be in any commitment with any woman?

He isn’t the type to settle down?

He’s got other Meantime Girls going on and he thinks none of you are the Prize?

He’s already got an official girlfriend or wife and he likes variety?

If any of the above applies to you, congratulations (NOT!): You’re his Meantime Girl who won’t ever be properly cherished or committed to by this man.

So if you’re dissatisfied with a guy, you might very well be a Meantime Girl and not know it. Find out today.

And most importantly, find out how you can be a Prize Catch and avoid getting trapped in this sad predicament that too many women are in.

Being a Meantime Girl is not without payoffs. It is exciting. It is unpredictable. It’s refreshing to see him. You feel so alive because you don’t know when you’d see him again, and mostly because you feel dead when you don’t.

Well, you’re caught off balance and off guard by him, that’s why! He doesn’t make plans and is unreliable, that’s why!

And before you realize it, you’re much older and not much wiser.

Don’t be a Meantime Girl for any man. Let the EGuides show you how to avoid this neatly laid trap of the 21st century!

Get the secret weapon in dating and relationships when you Order EGuides Today, or Get Personalized Advice via confidential Email Exchange.



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  1. scarr permalink

    The one,

    I’m currently seeing this guy and we went out on 3 proper dates already and after that he wants so see me everyday in school by visiting and hanging out w me on my breaks. I’m concerned with the fact that I seem to be over available to him coz I allow him to visit me everyday. I just want to know if I should allow this to happen because I’m starting to like the guy coz he is pursuing me. I am really holding back my feelings so as not to hurt in the end if this thing w him ends badly… I want to know if its okay to allow him to kiss me? We kissed 2x already after the 3 meeting. I hate that we kissed already but i can’t deny our chemistry…

    this guy is not a hearts and flowers guy. He is not the type to express his feelings in grand gesture such as surprising the guy w flowers or whisking her away on a trip etc.. but i am a sucker for that! how will i turn things around and make him up the ante? Based on hearing his past experiences, he says he’s turned into a playing safe guy where he no longer gives his all unless he is sure of his chance w the girl. I don’t want to waste my time, i need a guy who will cherish me and who is not afraid of making me feel loved. help!!!

    • Scarr,

      It is good you do not want to be too available and want this to last. What you need is DISCIPLINE and SELF-ESTEEM, with a good compass to direct you to where you want to go. As soon as you can, please get the EGuides. They are designed as a handy reference tool to keep you grounded, realistic, and cool headed, without losing the ability to be natural and authentically enjoying his attention.

      The EGuides will help you pace yourself, steady your heart, keep you out of desperation mode, and help you avoid being at his beck and call.

      Therefore, if you want a good boyfriend as in a long-term relationship, start with “Become His Girlfriend” EGuide. If you need more personalized help, feel free to sign up for an Email Exchange for confidential advice.

      Learn how to enjoy dating this guy and at the same time, feel confident about keeping him interested!

  2. Eloina permalink

    This is so true. A lot of guys are just stringers, but we are so willing to make the relationship happen, so hoping that he will just become all we had envisioned he could be -based actually on nothing else than our mere desire to finally live “the fairy tale”- that we conciously ignore all those big red flags that tell us that we are just the meantime girl and not ‘the real deal’ for him. Sometimes we are even scared to be a prize catch, because what if he won’t pursue?? We will loose him!!! Well, we are losing anyway, so better be a prize catch and safe ourself time and pain. A prize catch shouldn’t feel lonely, she should feel free. Girls, read this blog as I’ve had, and let future fakers, cowards and cheaters disqualify themselves as boyfriend material. Our time is limited, let’s not give it away to someone else so lightly! Great blog The One!

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