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Love — an adventure itself

June 16, 2015

How do you look at love? Deep down, are you yearning for the right guy to show up?

I ask because when you get burned too often, have been let down by dates or relationships too many times, or have suffered from breakup that has left a bitter taste in your mouth, it is easy to build a wall around your heart.

Be careful to not allow the fact that you’re “not settling” to lose heart and hope, denying yourself enjoyment of the opposite sex.

Of course, I’m talking to those who are still interested in dating and finding someone, even if you are single and manage to be happy.

Life gets busy and there are so many things to do that you can prioritize doing. But there is no need to deny yourself a chance for a relationship just because you don’t want to settle, are too busy or scared.

If life is a journey, make it an adventure — including your attitude toward love. Know you will be okay no matter what. Know you will take necessary precautions in being aware of the red flags that signal what isn’t boyfriend material. Know you don’t have to make a guy your boyfriend just because he shows interest. Certainly know you don’t dream of a wedding just because a guy has taken you out three times.

What happened to enjoying men’s company? I’m not talking about hanging out with some guy and getting attached without any sign of interest from him. That obviously leads to disappointment and wastes your time as well.

I’m talking about when you’re out and about, stay friendly and relaxed. Laugh easily. Be open to possibilities. Don’t stick to rigid standards that limit your chances.

Just because you don’t want to fall for a dud doesn’t mean you should live in a fortress surrounded by barbed wire and make yourself impossible to catch.

A Prize Catch needs to be caught. And caught again and again. It is not necessarily a one-time event. Failing to make it work the first, second, or a millionth time doesn’t mean YOU are a failure. It means you never gave up.

The adventure of life includes love itself. Sure you might get hurt. Especially if you aren’t aware of what can definitely hurt you as outlined in all my EGuides.

But you also might find love. The kind of love that brings out and expresses the love within you. Certain risks are worthwhile. It is up to you to decide what ones are worth taking so your adventure can begin.

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