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Not every guy wants a Prize Catch

November 30, 2017

Not every man out there is attracted to a Prize Catch, so please do not fret when a guy neglects to ask you out or commit to you. Some men want a woman who has low self-esteem, who has behavioral problems, who is mean-spirited, or otherwise the opposite of what a Prize Catch is.

Just as some women are attracted to abusers and leeches, some men simply zero in on the kind of woman who reenacts for them the dysfunctional dynamic of their upbringing.

Just because you have mastered the art of being a Prize Catch doesn’t mean you will win over all the men you might meet. People easily cover up their deeper issues so you wouldn’t know what they are right away. Dating allows you to get to know someone, but it takes a lot of time spent together in various situations as well as meeting their social circle and family to truthfully and more completely take in who he is.

Don’t pine away over a guy who didn’t make it happen. He may simply not be attracted to a woman who has her act together. He might want a wild crazy type who bankrupts him and calls the cops on him. Or one who fakes pregnancy to get him to commit. Yes, some men love drama and find drama queens sexy, believe it or not. Despite some of these men being nice and stable, they can’t resist the lure of what appears to be exciting. There are plenty of stories written by these broken hearts if you’re curious.

Basically, you don’t always know WHY a guy lets you, a Prize Catch, get away, except his preference for something else other than a Prize Catch could be a possible reason. And if that’s the case, too bad he thinks he deserves less, right?

So, keep feeling great about yourself and keep moving forward because you aren’t looking for a handout. You’re looking for a man who can value who you are and recognize you’re…his Prize.

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  1. Love the post, per usual.Some people look for reasons to fall apart by creating their own disappointment, or to confirm their own insignificance. Some people use other people as their excuse to self-destruct. Because it’s so tempting, isn’t it? Turn a person, a woman, into an idea. One the Madonna, the other the Jezebel. They put women into the position of viewing other women through their same lens, worthy and unworthy. They dictate the narrative, and neither woman wins.

  2. Fresh Ali permalink

    Hi One Truth! (If you are who I think you are) I lost your number when I got my new phone and can’t find you on IG anymore 😦 text me ur number again plz

  3. Miss Luvly permalink

    Very interesting perspective. Its as if they don’t see that they are worthy, so find any outlet to sabotage a a good thing! Its crazy! I see how this could make sense on so many levels. Thank you One Truth… I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and you took a hiatus, I enjoy your thoughts always. Take care and wishing you love as well in it’s truest form! Peace.

    • Miss Luvly,

      Thank you for your comment and for reading the blog despite my hiatus. I wish you love in its truest form as well!

  4. Marie M. permalink

    Minus a couple of typographical errors, once again an insightful, well-written piece! Thank you!

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