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I’m the One looking out for you.

The advice may seem harsh and impossible, old-fashioned and disempowering.

But if you know what it means to be a PRIZE CATCH, you’ll know it’s in fact very empowering.

Therefore, I will not gloss over what is glaringly obvious but politically incorrect to say.

I will state the truth whether it’s palatable or not. The truth shouldn’t be shunned just because it makes someone uncomfortable.

The message is what’s most important, not the messenger. I don’t want who I am to distract you from the message. If my advice helps you, then you’ve made my day.

You deserve to date without anxiety, pain, and confusion. You deserve to relax and enjoy dating or your relationship. You deserve to sleep like a princess.

One Truth

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  1. miss_so permalink


    I have been reading your blog for a while now, it is kind of a reference for me. I would always come back to it, before a date for example and read the same posts over and over for reassurance.
    I have notice that your posts have changed, and in order to get the same advice as before i need to pay for it now…
    It is a big shame 😦

    • Hi Miss So,

      Thank you for reading the blog. I am so glad you have found it helpful as a reference.

      Believe me, I wish everything in life was free too. But like you or anybody else who expects to get paid to work, to make an honest living and pay the bills, why would you begrudge me for doing the same?

      Lots of people value my services and have benefited from them so it would be a real shame if you missed out on the same opportunity. I am planning to write more E-Material so I hope you can reconsider your position to enjoy what is offered!

  2. Anne permalink

    Hi The One (or One Truth),

    I’m reading your blog for a while now, and I find it very insightful and helpful! Thanks a lot for it!

    I was wondering though if we could know more information about you, or how you acquired all this knowledge about relationship dynamics? I’m very curious! Is it part of your profession? Have you interviewed people and made conclusions from that, or have you just followed/learned these rules on your own? 🙂


    • Anne,

      Thanks for posting. Great questions!

      I prefer remaining anonymous because I believe the message either rings true and works in practice, or doesn’t. When it doesn’t, nothing about me or my credentials should matter. I know this doesn’t answer your question, but it is my hope people think for themselves and not blindly follow a person’s advice for any other reason but the efficacy of the advice itself.

      As far as how I came up with this stuff, I believe by looking at life experiences as learning material, you can make any negative experience worthwhile and avoid repeating them. I believe in happiness. But I don’t believe happiness is sustained by fearing the truth. Therefore, I believe in looking at reality squarely in the face, instead of avoiding it, making it fuzzy, or pasting our own fantasies over it to justify being deluded.

      I also observe and ask questions. The easiest way to learn is to watch what others do or don’t do successfully, and apply it in your own life. When you learn from others’ successes and mistakes, you know what the pitfalls are and can avoid them.

      You can say that I drew my conclusions from everything: Life, my own experiences, and other people’s experiences.

      • Anne permalink

        Thanks! I admire your way of thinking, and I think I have a very similar mindset to yours. I am an avid realist too and think that it’s an invaluable learning experience. If I can choose, I prefer to learn through other’s mistakes, although I am surely aware it is not possible to avoid making mistakes myself on the way. (Even if I read this blog I am pretty sure I will make some of these mistakes written here, because emotions will always remain the enemy of pure rationality) But I believe every human being’s goal is to find happiness ultimately. 🙂

        Keep on good work!

        • Anne,

          You’re smart to learn from other people’s mistakes. This minimizes making your own at least! Thanks for your thought-provoking posts!

  3. Annie permalink

    I love your blog! I just have a question. Do you think an educated woman is masculine? Because I’ve heard from many male bloggers that men don’t like educated and successful women. Should women dumb themselves down to appeal to men?
    Thank you for your reply

    • Annie,

      Men go for chemistry. What exactly it’s made of is up to each man. Not every guy wants a dumb broad — maybe just the superficial ones do. If the educated and successful women are stuck-up, aggressive, and bitter, that is not attractive to any man unless he’s a masochist and has been sufficiently beaten down and properly emasculated.

      Nasty traits are never attractive. Being educated and successful are not unattractive traits — at least not to men who are educated and successful themselves.

  4. As I have observed from ur posts, some of it got some bitter feelings included
    Just curious if u were hurt so badly ever b4? Don’t hate me for this actually I really love ur blog. But maybe ur talking too based from experience? Or maybe ur just a man hater period? Just saying.

  5. merry christmas the One!

  6. Nadia permalink

    This blog is the most empowering sites on dating that I’ve found on the internet so far! Good job sister! Thank you for sharing your hard won lessons – you are definitely a PRIZE catch! xoxo

  7. Sully permalink

    your website is amazing! its slapped the truth ive been shying away from for many year! please don’t stop being the voice of reason !

  8. Jane permalink

    Hi I just came across your site today and I love the frankness with which you give advice. Especially the blog “Why the #$@#$% doesn’t he ask me out?” – so true what you say about women being overexposed today. It makes the rest of us who are normal feel like a sack of potatoes compared to what’s out there. But I’m starting to learn that maybe I don’t need a guy after all – it’s not worth all that heartache and drama because in the end, most guys seem to be after one thing only and they end up running at the first sign of trouble. Women for the most part are actually stronger when it comes to dealing with the bumps in the road. Seems like men get to have their cake and eat it too >=/. I am still navigating through your website, so I can’t wait to read more empowering advice, thanks!

    • Jane,

      Thank you for reading my blog!

      There is nothing wrong with being single. Being happy with your life is most important. You can be happy as a single or happy as a partner to a man.

      If being part of a couple is supposed to make a woman happier, then why are most divorces in the U.S. filed by women? That statistic alone proves coupledom is not the road to happiness.

      Something else is: YOU.

      Enjoy yourself, empower yourself, and value yourself. No one can do it better than YOU!

      • butterscotch permalink

        Hi, the One. I guess I’ll jump right in.
        I’ve been happily married for 25 years, and your advice echoes the way my mom raised me. Momma was right. When I read a few of your blog entries I wanted to shout Hallelujah. I work on a relationship site and I see so many young women who give their guys every excuse under the sun for the guys’ bad treatment of them or indifference to them. I am so glad that someone out there is saying what I KNOW to be the truth about finding a loving relationship. Now I don’t feel anymore that it’s just me who thinks that way! I am so happy to have found you.I don’t know why so many young women don’t seem to have a sense of their innate worth.

        • carpe diem permalink

          butterscotch, And I just shouted Hallelujah to you! Finally! A woman who gets it! Thank you so much for posting a success story 🙂

        • Butterscotch,

          Thanks for commenting. Your Momma raised you right! In spite of what so many women do, you are not alone in these crazy times for holding on to what you know deep down is true. May others do the same!

  9. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this profound, life changing wisdom. May God bless you as this is a blessing to my life.

    • Carolyn,

      You’re so welcome! Glad to know you find what I’ve written is a blessing! Feel free to post anytime. Best wishes!

  10. Chris permalink

    I have been depress for over a week.. Unable to get out of my misery.. Till I find YOU!! 🙂 I’m not saying I’m ok now but I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.
    Thanks for being here for us!:)

    • Chris,

      Welcome to the blog! Glad you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope when you discover who you really are, can be, and deserve!

  11. Chris permalink

    Do you have a Facebook page that I can like?

  12. anon permalink

    lmao i love your blog, you seem like an independent woman who knows how life works. it’s not old-fashioned at all, it’s the truth. women ARE diamonds, that’s why Allah (swt) wants us to cover our body etc. LADIES, WE SHOULD KNOW OUR WORTH!

    • Thanks for your nice comment!

    • Hello!

      Thanks for posting a while back on my dating blog.

      I just want to let you know I am offering private advice with more analysis and feedback via confidential Email Exchange. If you ever need to, sign up at Get In-Depth Advice Now.

      Hope to assist you!

      The One

  13. tina permalink

    Your website is filled with advice far better than any other magazine or online advice website that I have come across thus far! I was pleasantly surprised to see that you reply to every questions that individuals ask and I want to thank you for how amazing you are and how much you will effect my love life in the future. (= Keep at it!

    • Tina,

      Thanks for saying that! I’m happy you and others are getting the help you need for your love lives! 🙂

    • Hi Tina,

      Thanks for posting a while back on my dating blog.

      I just want to let you know I am offering private advice with more analysis and feedback via confidential Email Exchange. If you ever need it, sign up at Get In-Depth Advice Now.

      Hope to assist you!

  14. Sara permalink

    Hello! Love your advice, starting dating this guy for two monts, and used your advice while dating him.
    Everything went great, this past weekend I actually got upset with him because he canceled our plans we had and was being rude on top of everything because I had an opinion about something so small (and he didn’t like that) like I’m not entitled to my own opinion. Anyways I left his house he knew I was mad. And I was, he texted me all night long but I didn’t respond. I had to cool off so I gave him the silent treatment for about 4 days. I decided to text him and apologize for holding a grudge and I needed to cool off and said hope he was doing well. I got nothing back. I am kind of confused due to the face that he has gone through these moods (not because of me) but I guess side problems he had where he would not talk to me for 3-4 days. I would be upset but I really didn’t have a say about what happened to him since we are not together. But I still gave him his space and kept talking to him. But this instance I did have a reason to be upset, but I was the bigger person and apologized for the grudge i had. I just don’t get why he hasn’t responded back yet? I know everyone takes apologies differently. I didnt do anything wrong but give him some of his own medicine but it wasn’t intentionally. I have been intimate with him and I genuwinlly do care for him, just don’t know if he needs to think or if that really sent him off the edge.

    • Sara,

      Glad you were able to use the advice!

      He’s not contacting you because he doesn’t know how to deal with disagreements, his feelings, and your feelings. Or he just needs to take a break to figure out if you’re what he wants.

      Men don’t want drama. It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. Men love knowing they have the power to make you happy. When they can’t make you happy, they feel emasculated and worthless.

      When he cancelled the plans for the date, you should have just been nonchalant and gone about your business. You surely have other things you can do besides going out with him, right?

      A PRIZE CATCH does not take date cancellations personally. She has too much going on in her life to get upset. Besides, dates are HIS PLANS, not yours. If anything, he should have been the one feeling inconvenienced, not YOU.

      Sure, you set time aside for him. But when he cancelled, it meant you can go off and do fun things on your own or with someone else. He isn’t your boyfriend anyway.

      The other things is, what were you doing at his house? Was he cooking dinner for you? Aside from that, there is no reason for you being at his house hanging out. You’re a PRIZE, who has better things to do. No date? No prize!

      His lack of response means he wants to be left alone. So leave him be. Give him space from here to Mars.

      If he cancels all the time, then you need to let him go for good. Just one time isn’t a good reason to be mad at him.

  15. carpe diem permalink

    Thank you. I have subscribed. Could you tell me when your book will be available. Always love hearing about and reading success stories.

    • I’m working on it now and can’t say when it will come out but stay subscribed and you will automatically be notified via your email! Thanks for your interest.

  16. carpe diem permalink

    Hi, Your blog is spot on. I do not pursue or chase. I too believe that a mans DNA has not changed just because it is the 21st century. I will never settle and require a real man, a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to go after it. I need to see what he is made of and for him to show me what he’s got, how strong he is. I only see posts where women just don’t get it, or if they do, take the same stance as myself. I would like to hear a success story from the women who held out for a suitor and not a time waster and how they are doing.

    • There are. Please subscribe to my blog to be notified of my book where I will have TRUE STORIES of such relationships.

  17. Sally permalink

    Love it! Thank you, Are you still updating this blog?

  18. You should definitely write a book, you have a clear, nice style and you don’t loose yourself in details. You just go straight to point. (that’s why I think you are a men :P)

  19. Anonymous permalink

    Hello The One,

    Please post more articles. Thank you

    • Thanking you for reading! You’re invited to subscribe to the blog so you can be notified of upcoming articles.

  20. bgrits permalink

    I’m assuming you are a man, correct

  21. i just to say thks .your blog is a response thks for letting us better understand this amazing specie called “men”.M.from Africa

  22. elle bee permalink

    I don’t know if you are still writing/maintaining this blog, but your advice is TIMELESS, excellent, and EXACTLY what I needed to read!! Thanks a ton!!

    • Yes, I am. Please subscribe and follow the blog to be notified of new articles!

  23. Love this website. But you should post some advise for older women ie 40 plus divorced with kids.. This is the category that is less desirable in the dating pool for men who only want youth (but don’t always get it ha ha).
    Still it would be so helpful especially as this age group of women is growing! Cheers for a fab website

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