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[Cancelled Transaction]

If you cancelled your transaction, I’m sorry you changed your mind.


Let me know by posting below if you are experiencing any problems. Thank you!

  1. Hello The One.I ve been trying to order the guide on how to be a prize catch girlfriend but i have problems with my paypal account.Is there another way to pay you for the transaction?Thank you!

    • Hi Z,

      Please note that you can skip the areas that ask you to create a Paypal account. However, if your email address is associated with a Paypal account, it may ask you to sign in. So try using a different email address that Paypal does not recognize.

      After you click on the ADD TO CART button on the blog, a Paypal page opens. Then follow these instructions:

      1. Click on the CHECKOUT button. Do not click on the button next to it on the right, which is for Paypal members.

      2. The next page opens, skip the first section, go to the section of DON’T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Fill out your information.

      3. Click CONTINUE.

      4. Next page opens with CLICK A WAY TO PAY. Click on CREDIT CARD OR DEBIT CARD.

      5. Fill in the numbers and info. Click the button REVIEW AND CONTINUE.

      After that you should be able to review the transaction and complete it. I also emailed you a payment link as an alternative way to pay without a Paypal account.

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