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Be a Prize Catch Single

Between dates, suitors, and boyfriends/husbands, what are you doing exactly?

  • Is your life boring and uninspiring until a man pays attention to you?
  • Does life only become exciting when there’s a man in it?
  • Do you have goals that DON’T have a man in it?
  • Do you avoid doing things that make you stand out as a single?
  • Do you feel sorry for yourself because you’re alone, dateless, or divorced?

Whatever your situation that is causing you to feel unhappy or incomplete, you need to first change your beliefs regarding the singleton.

Being in a romantic relationship may be accepted as “normal” and win approval from society, but there is ZERO guarantee you will be happy and satisfied.

Stop believing the myth that romantic love is the cure to your problems.

Now you may say, “But I AM happy. I don’t need a man. I just want a man to enhance my life.”

That’s good. But until you meet that man, are you holding back in any way? Are you minimizing your potential or diminishing yourself? Are you passing up better opportunities or living below your expectations?


Yes, the first includes the second. They are one and the same!  Knowing how to be a Prize Catch Single is laying the foundation whether you are dating or not. It’s like knowing how to drive before you take the driving test!

There is never a better time to be a PRIZE CATCH than now — in this age of HOOKUPS and STDs. This EGuide will show you how to be a single woman FEARLESSLY and benefit you in the following ways and more:

  • If you aren’t meeting men, this EGuide will show you how to expose yourself to more and new men.
  • If you feel a man can “complete” you and you’re unhappy until one does, this EGuide will shake you out of that deficiency.
  • If you are lonely, this EGuide gives you solutions, options and new perspectives. You can change that!
  • If you are demotivated, this EGuide will light up your fire.
  • If you’ve never had a relationship that worked, you might be a COMMITMENT PHOBE or have SABOTAGING TENDENCIES, forfeiting your chance for one. Find out if you have the signs and symptoms.
  • If you are filled with hopelessness and apathy, this EGuide will smoke them out and clear the way for you to get moving.
  • If you are allowing a life devoid of suitors to get you down in any way, you need this EGuide more than you need a suitor!

Don’t wait for a miracle. Choose to exercise your power and be happy now. Prince Charming may head your way or he may not. Why wait?

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  1. Hanna permalink

    My dad just said something absolutely invaluable: that those women, who can easily communicate, or start and hold a conversation with the shyer men, have an advantage. – That some guys are initially shy with women they find beautiful, but if the girl will start and hold a conversation with them (just a friendly one, of course without flirting), they might get courage and finally ask her out. This information is invaluable to me. 🙂 And if I reflect on it, this story is true about Hugh Jackman and his wife, who called him out on why he was avoiding her for weeks, when he said that it’s because he had a crush on her. Had she not talked to him about this issue, they might not have ended up together at all. You may want to add this to the prize catch guide, i.e. just chatting/communicating with men in a friendly manner (and sitting down waiting for them to come to you) is very very important. 😉

    • Hanna permalink

      * and NOT sitting down waiting for them to come to you

    • Hanna,

      Yes, your Dad is right that there are men who might be shy. So that is why I’ve already got this covered in my EGuide “How to Show Your Interest in a Man” that gives detailed instruction on how to initiate conversation with a guy.

      It will show you how to do so without resorting to desperation, and explains in what circumstances you initiate conversation and what circumstances not to, so you aren’t going around assuming every man you are attracted who isn’t asking you out is shy.

  2. Hi TheOne,

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on Facebook and social media. I recently discovered that if someone has the Facebook Messenger app installed they can see when you were last active on Facebook. It doesn’t matter if you were just browsing on your desktop or chatting with someone through Messenger on your iPhone, any activity is instantly reported and seen on the Messenger app in the form of “last active x hours ago”. I was talking to a guy and we were deciding where and when to meet for coffee on Friday (we’re Facebook friends and didn’t have each other’s number). I tried not to look over-eager so waited 5 hours to reply but checked Facebook periodically during that time. After writing back I noticed that the Messenger app reported when I was last active. So, he knew I was on Facebook several times during the 5 hours purposefully ignoring his message! I can’t believe this invasion of privacy. How should a Prize Catch behave when social media exposes us like this? Right now I limit how often I go on Facebook so as to not look like a fool browsing Facebook and ignoring his message on purpose. This is the equivalent of AT&T telling your date how long ago you last checked your text messages!

    To be a Prize Catch should you avoid checking Facebook or any social media app that reports your activity after a certain hour, like 6 PM?

    • Ewa permalink

      I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. People sometimes use facebook account to log in another account (and play an online game etc.) or even wifi (in coffee shops etc.). It can be connected to so many things. And spying on your facebook activity would be really weird.

    • 4B,

      This is something a lot of people are having problems with. I don’t know if Facebook is working on it to provide the option of turning it off. Until that happens, send him a note to have him contact you a different way, such as a regular cell phone text.

      Other texting apps may have the same concerns, so try avoiding social media as a way to be in touch.

      • Hi OneTruth, thanks for your thoughts. I had suspected as much. I don’t know if Facebook is working on a way to hide this information. It’s a common complaint from Facebook users ever since the Messenger app was launched in 2011. I’ve only noticed it now because it’s the first time that I’ve ever dated someone who was already a friend on Facebook. I will be posting less personal information in the future and sending text messages only. So much for maintaining the mystery!

  3. Ewa permalink

    So what is your advice for women who don’t enjoy single life? Fake it till you make it? For how long? I remember I was very unhappy as a teenager and I didn’t know why. Later I discovered romantic love and that was the only time I had this “I’m alive” feeling. I just hate life without love. It would be empty and pointless. I know it may not help me get the guy. It won’t help me being uniterested and hard to get. But this is my reality. I tried to deny and it didn’t work. I know what I want. I want love.

  4. Ewa permalink

    Do you really think that people who feel worthy have to prove it all the time? What’s the point of proving? Fooling others or fooling yourself? Why do you write all the time “you can’t do this and you can’t do that because it lowers your value”? Why even should a woman put herself into the position of “proving her value”? It sounds dehumanizing for me.

  5. Ewa permalink

    Can I really solve a problem by pretending it doesn’t exist? Can I force myself to enjoy stuff I don’t enjoy? You can force yourself to do many things but not to feel joy…

  6. Ewa permalink

    What if you are wrong? I have just read prize catch single but loving relationship is still the only thing I am genuinely interested in my life. I lost almost 10 years and tons of money on counsellors (all of them were professionals). I like myself. I simply don’t enjoy single life. I don’t need a guy to bring anything special. I know I enjoy hugging, kissing and simply being together. I don’t get this whole self-esteem concept cause I don’t care what other people think about me. I don’t want to be worthy. I just want to be happy. I’m afraid of spending miserable life and it won’t help me when at the end I will know: “but at least I did it! I was that worthy, unhappy Prize Catch!”.

    Chasing guys is cheaper than chasing counsellors. Guys don’t demand 50$ (in US even more I believe) for 50 minutes of their time… Guys don’t blame you just because you are not happy.

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