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How to Be a Prize Catch Wife

Ever wonder how a Prize Catch can remain one as a married woman, when her husband sees her routinely as they share a life together under one roof? This is her ultimate challenge!

Whether you’re single, engaged, or married, get the INSIDE TRACK on what makes a marriage work and succeed.

How do you remain mysterious and elusive when he’s seeing you naked every night?

How do you let him chase you?

How do you avoid revolving your life around him?

How do you deal with conflict?

What if you get upset at him?

How do you stay happy in spite of what is going on?

What are the deal breakers?

What are your options when you realize the marriage isn’t working?

It’s never too late to be armed with INSIDE KNOWLEDGE, and it’s never too early to get ADVANCE PREPARATION:

  • Know the reality of marriage.
  • Learn how to navigate its landmines.
  • Be empowered with valuable know-how to maintain your relationship and sustain your happiness.

If you’re married or ever entertaining the thought,this EGuide will give you the answers and much, much more.

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  1. Betty peebles permalink

    I had a crush on my doctor who has been my doc for 25 years. In my clinical visits over the years, he never said three words to me. Within the last 5 years, when I’ve had my annual visits, lve had compliment on a blouse I was wearing, he wanted
    to know what I had been doing in the previous time leading up to my visits with him, I even got a compliment on looking good. So when he asked me a question, I would answer his question and then put the question back too him. So we begin to dialog most of the 15 min office visit. I never had a crush on him until he began conversating with me. I began to look forward to my office visits with him. I sent him seasons greetings via email a couple of times, however, he did not respond. As a matter of fact he remove his email address from his web page. Slowly, I begin to realize my imagination had blown things way out of proportion. What was just a friendly conversation I took to be very intimate in my mind. To make a long story short and not to stereotype, I agree with you we as women are more emotional and relationships mean everything to us.

    • Betty,

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Too often men are just enjoying the attention. They are taking advantage of the chance to do so. Women usually perceive it completely differently, believing it means something. Very simply, men are motivated differently. That is why being asked out on a date is so crucial. Without a date, there is nothing there. And it is better to assume there is nothing than to fantasize there is something.

      Your post is another reminder to all that a man is either a suitor or timewaster. Being relationship-oriented, women can’t afford to be involved with a timewaster.

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