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How to Become His Girlfriend

You’ve been dating him.

Or because you’re rusty in being a Prize Catch, you’ve just been hanging out with him.

Or even sleeping with him.

Or even being his nice friend.

Or maybe he doesn’t know you exist.

You’re into him, that’s for sure.

But are you on the right track?

Can you take this thing to the next level?

Or turn things around if it goes sour?

Why shouldn’t you have sex with him?

Can you bring up the relationship issue?

Why can’t you ask him to be your boyfriend?

What is the Danger Zone?

What is the Safe Make-Out Zone?

Why should you believe in the Power of Withholding Sex?

What is the Checklist for Boyfriend Potential?

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  1. xxxx permalink

    Hi the one,

    Lately, im dating this guy. I want to know when to ask for where this relationship is going… Sure, he exerts efforts in taking me out on dates, paying for them too. But, I feel like he is going to slack off/take me for granted once he thinks he’s got me. I am doing great efforts in holding back since I want what I truly deserve, after being single for a long time. One thing aside, we kissed already. I want to know if this is a bad move I’ve allowed?

    One last point, taken into account that he is clingy.. he wants to see me almost everyday.. Should I make myself available by agreeing for him to see me? As in visit me in my workplace? How often should I agree to meet with him?

    Thanks! xx

  2. Breeze permalink

    Heyo. Just a question, why do you insist that the guy has to be the one to pay for every date
    I mean me and my boyfriend have both agreed to take turns paying for dates after we both wanted to pay the check one time
    Are we less of a couple
    I don’t know about some of the things on here to be honest
    Like why does the guy have to plan everything isnt that a bit harsh
    Wouldn’t they like a girl who doesn’t want everything done for her
    Someone who is independent enough to pay for the check and plan the date
    A girl who is daring enough to not WAIT for the guy to ask, but to ask them themselves??
    I think that would be a nice change of pace for any guy. And if he doesn’t like an independent woman who pays for their own meals and asks out guys himself, he’s just not worth the trouble.
    Just thinkin’ out loud here, yo.
    And another thing.
    “Look, men look out for themselves. Don’t even think for a second they do what they do to make things easy for you.”
    Stereotypical much?? Seriously, that’s some sexist stuff flowing out of your mouth right now.
    You can’t tell me that you actually fucking believe that crap haha. If you do, you’ve obviously had a lot of bad experience with men, and I’m not sure you’re really in the place to be telling anyone about relationships! Your views are pretty sexist and old!
    What the hell happened to the term “Just be yourself”?? I mean of course not everyone is going to like the real you, but the people who will matter in your life will, and will take you how you are for the rest of your life, no “playing hard to get” needed! I just hate the fact that you’re telling woman to do all of these things for guys who won’t even be with them in the long run! If these guys were important we wouldn’t have to be stretching our necks for them, it would just happen! That’s what happens when two people are in love with each other. The relationship just happens, and you can call or text all you want, because that person adores you! Even if you text them too much, they probably won’t get annoyed because, yknow, they ENJOY you! And if they do end up getting annoyed, they’ll forgive you because they LOVE you! And if not, why be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t love you? That’s idiotic.

    • Breeze,

      I normally remove comments that contain offensive language but for the sake of educating you and others, I reply with this:

      You can certainly do as you please in whatever manner if it makes you happy. No one is forcing you to change your ways. Just remember, taking turns paying runs the risk of allowing him to step down, not up. When a man pays, it gives the most proof that he values you and thinks you are worth it.

      You can certainly pay if it is about RECIPROCATING, which I explain in my EGuide “When & How to Reciprocate”. This allows the woman to show her interest and effort, but at the same time still requires the man to pursue and cherish her.

      What I outline benefits the woman throughout the dating process: she keeps the man intrigued without making herself look like a freeloader.

      Your next comment will be deleted if it is offensive like the last one.

      • Breeze permalink

        Ma’am. With all due respect. You aren’t educating me.Please, don’t put it that way. I know about relationships.
        Whoops, that last message *was* VERY harsh I guess. I’ll tone it down. Sorry.
        This is what I don’t get about this. We complicate relationships was too much. We make it seem like the other gender has some complicated mindset that we need to decipher to woo them. And in all honesty, it should never be so difficult to date people. It’s actually pretty black and white! They either want you or they don’t.
        But you’re right. I should let you have your fun, right? You do you, girl. I’m sure your man-hunting will prove the wiser. What do I know, I’m just your average snarky teenager. Carry on, my wayward son. In other words, you go girl.

        • Kosensan permalink

          Breeze i love your reply. You’re right there is an undertone to this persons blog thats a little off the mark. (Even though some may be useful for ppl w low self esteem who need to raise their standards. Ive been there.) I love your teenageness so dont change a thing. Youre absolutely right, someone who loves you is going to accept and forgive. There is freedom in real love. Not a straight jacket of anxiety worrying about “doing it right”. Theres no grace in that.

          On another note…aside from breezes comment….the truth is, apart from Christ, there can be no real love. A man who is not following God cannot lead. If he doesnt have a relationship with Christ he will not know how to have a relationship with a woman. The antidote to the selfish dating world is not a woman becoming just as self centered as a man. Until there is true submission to Christ, by both individuals, there will be angst and tension and unrest. When a heart rests in God alone then and only then can she say “it is well with my soul”. Whether she is with a man or not.

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