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Prize Catch Dictionary

There are NO RULES.

Only PRINCIPLES that are designed with your best interests at heart. Principles that YOU decide to use for your needs.

These principles are represented by Prize Catch terminology, listed alphabetically in this 32-page book for easy reference.

They are applicable to many kinds of scenarios in dating and relationships.

Each terminology has an explanation and a true, real life example.

This Prize Catch Dictionary makes a perfect companion to the EGuides, but can stand alone as well and light the path in your journey. Get the inside info:

  • What is the difference between DATING PROCESS and DATING PROGRESS?
  • What are the THREE DEADLY WORDS?
  • Are you dating a LAZY LOVER? What are the signs and symptoms?
  • What is the LAST FRONTIER?
  • What is the EYEBALL TEST?
  • What is the X FACTOR?
  • Did you know you’re supposed to SPREAD YOUR RISK? How do you do it?
  • Curious about the SUITOR’S PERSPECTIVE?

Find out about all of this and more in this dictionary. It is chock full of explanations and examples of real people and events. It will take away the guessing game so you never have to fumble your way out of the dark.

$15 “Prize Catch Dictionary”………………………………….ADD TO CART


FREE Prize Catch Dictionary when you get all 10 EGuides for $115. ADD TO CART (SAVE $50!)

Order individual EGuides here. For confidential Email Exchange, Get Personalized Advice.

  1. NinaNina permalink

    Yayy great! Maybe I’ll get it soon!

  2. NinaNina permalink

    I have bought all the EGuides before except Prize Catch Single EGuide.

    Say if I buy Prize Catch Single EGuide (to add to all the other EGuides that I have), would I be getting Prize Catch Dictionary for free?

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