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If the EGuides or Email Exchanges have helped you in any way, please write your Testimonial below.

Please post questions elsewhere. Thank you!

  1. Napangarti permalink

    Dear The One

    I did exactly what you said and it happened just like you said it would. I was patient and had to let a few go on their way, with a great deal of class if I do say so myself.
    I didn’t have to concern myself about him asking me out, about planning dates, paying or not paying, or saying “…lets get to know each other first”, he has all the ingredients, cherishes me and he wants to marry me.
    I just don’t have to worry about anything, I just carry on sleeping like a princess and being the best version of myself, and it all just seems to flow. I value myself and love myself.
    I may not be a ‘cookie cutter kind of gal’ but I am a Prize Catch and any man would be lucky to have me.

    Your advice has been the most helpful of anything I have read anywhere. I did not always carry it out to the letter out of habit but each time I re-read your eguides and reflected on the principles and learnt from my mistakes.

    Thank you The One, there are no guarantees but I am really enjoying this relationship because I am absolutely not afraid to be alone.

    Bless you

    • NinaNina permalink

      Yes. I’m feeling the same too. It’s a true liberty for girls/women. Thanks a lot to The One – If only I found you years earlier *hugs

  2. This dating/relationship mystery between men and women has never been solved for thousands of years. I really appreciate you creating the EGuides to help us understand the truth in how to deal with men. Keep up with the good work!

  3. Dear One Truth,

    Thank you so much for these E guides – amazing advice! Timely too 🙂

    Kind Regards,


  4. The One,

    Thank you very much for all the insight in our Email Exchange. It really has helped me to clear up my mind and now I will not hesitate nor double think my actions.

    Also, you gave me the courage to make decisions that probably I wouldn’t have made out of fear of loosing him! (now I can say… “why would I be scared of loosing him??”… gosh..!! it totally is the other way around.)

    You address things in such a clear and direct way that there is no chance to misinterpret any statement you give.

    Thank you once again for enlightening my future actions.

  5. xxstartwinklexx permalink

    Thank you The One!! I appreciate the time and effort you have put in assessing my situation. I really want to cry tears of joy right now because everything you have said was true. Although they were “harsh”, they were what I needed to hear the most because people around me would tell me the opposite of the truth. They would tell me to pursue a guy who obviously was not interested in me and would make up excuses for him. I would also fall prey to these ridiculous false indicators that women have come to relied upon to justify that the guy is interested in her. There is no proof.

    Thanks for your in-depth analysis. I was blown away when I first opened your email and realized that you analyzed every line/paragraph of the description of my situation. You explained the meaning behind each event such as why him or I said this and acted this way. You have made me realized things I have never wanted to admit about myself; I kept them hidden behind my insecurities and excuses. I also learned so much more about men – how they think, how they act, and why they act. You have also given me awesome advice and explanations. I feel like you know me so well.

    Not only did you asses my situation, you even went as far to outline and state my personal goals and gave me suggestions on what I should do. They were all reasonable and valid. You didn’t just leave me there in my predicament, but showed me that there are ways out. You showed me that I am a PRIZED CATCH and should not be hung over just this one guy. There is so much more that I can do and that I deserve the best. I love you.

    Thank you! C:

    *** If you need advice about your situation, I recommend you contacting The ONE. His blog is awesome as well, but his email/IM would provide you with a much more in depth analysis of your situation. You will feel more at ease once you talk to The One. Truly he is THE ONE looking out for you. ***

  6. Wallflower and a half permalink

    Hi The One,

    I just want to let you know how much you’ve helped me. I also want others to know about this whole experience.

    So I first came across this blog via a random google search when I was feeling a little helpless and at odds in my relationship. I suppose I felt helpless and alone, mostly because I wasn’t sure what to do or say next. The general things I took away from the blog gave me quite an insight into how things were in my relationship vs how they should be. It gave me a brief overview of the kinds of things I had been doing wrong, such as making too much effort instead of letting him woo me. While the blog posts were kind of general and not specific enough, They were definitely insightful enough to make me think that I could learn more from you. I was especially after getting specific advice relating to my exact situation.

    I was a little hesitant initially because I hadn’t sought advice in this way before and I guess I was a little nervous. So I decided to sign up for two email exchanges to begin with (I figured one might not be enough and two would give me enough to go on for the time being and then I could always request more). So I started out by emailing an outline if my situation/ circumstances and recent events that had unfolded in my relationship. The first thing I was impressed with was your upfront, honest, blunt (in a truthful, not rude way) assessment of my situation as stood then. This gave me loads of objective insight that I hadn’t quite been able to consider of my own accord, which enabled me to look at my situation in a different light. So I was able to really think about how things were and what I wanted from this.

    In addition to the valuable insight I got, you gave me practical, applicable advice which I have been using and it’s really helped me to manage my expectations and prioritise my own life as well as that of my relationship. The main thing that I benefitted from through using the email exchange is the upfront, open nature of the responses I got. Obviously I do speak to friends about my relationship worries but it isn’t always easy for friends to be totally objective and they sometimes ‘filter’ what they say out of fear or upsetting you or saying something that’s difficult for you to hear. And I think a lot of women (myself included) need to have certain things pointed out to us when we’re somewhat disillusioned by emotional attachment.

    I’m really grateful for the insight and honest feedback that I was able to get from these email exchanges. To give a quick overview of one of the things I was specifically helped with was having ‘the error of my ways’ pointed out to me. A lot of the ‘mistakes’ I was making (such as making far too much effort, not prioritising myself enough, occasionally nagging) were all things that I hadn’t considered a direct problem. I wondered why my boyfriend wasn’t making an effort. Until you pointed it out to me, I didn’t realise that I had been acting in a way that wouldn’t give him a chance to make an effort also.

    Long story short, I definitely recommend the email exchange service and if I am in need of more advice in the near future I will definitely be contacting you again. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and we had a bad patch but I honestly feel like the advice really helped me to get things back on track.

    Thank you so much!!!!!

  7. NinaNina permalink

    Dear readers, I would want to share some of my views on advice that contains in the set of the EGuides. The reason I bought the whole set of the EGuides is because of this blog. The blog has helped me to rethink of what I have been taught not just by the society but by the media as well. I would like first to thank One Truth for creating this blog. All the articles posted on this blog are written with the aim to shake up the very brain of the desperate females. Targeting to change the poor mentality of the desperate females is a job taken up by One Truth for free that would save your lost souls. Buying the EGuides is one of the ways for me to thank him. note: I say “desperate females” not as a judgment but this behaviour is ingrained in the system of the females. The females would not realize this because they were taught that it is the right thing to do. So no offence please.

    I would say that, it is important for readers to first read through all of the articles on this blog. Please read all of them. And read all of the comments too. Then only you would have the feeling of either you need the EGuides. Because you might start to question, what is it in the EGuides that you don’t have on the blog? What’s the secret in the EGuides that would change your life as a female? EGuides are for keeps. You spend some of your hard-earned cash on something that would save your lost souls. Something that would turn your focus back on yourself (this is the essence of the EGuides I would say). Something that would give you the power for you to be back on your own both feet again. Eliminating the poor mentality of you taking crumbs or practicing desperate behaviour. Eliminating your FEAR. Opening the door for you to a whole new dimension – your own existing LIFE. Yes. Your LIFE needs you. Badly. note: I always regard my LIFE as my baby (your inner child). Do you want to take care of the baby or do you want to feed crumbs, anxiety, worries, sleepless nights to the baby? Always ask this question to yourself

    But, how to do it? How are we going to be reborn again? We have been “taught” desperate behaviour since we were little. How to be a girl or a woman in these days of people becoming disposable just like the diapers? How to be the Prize Catch? How to spark the feminine energy? Do you think by acting as a caring person towards your dream guy would help you spark the feminine energy? Do you think by being by his side all the time without any efforts from him to gain that benefit would make you the girl that he will cherish? Actually, do you want to be cherished by him? Then, act like one.

    Be a girl. Be a woman. Don’t be a man (I know you don’t realise this). Just don’t. Really. Just don’t. Don’t do it. Let him be the man. Let him do the job. CUT HIM LOOSE (don’t worry this is the right thing to do). And let him chase you. The minute you dating your LIFE, the minute you dating yourself, the minute you dating every aspect of your being, the man will literally become your side dish. Nothing more. No matter how handsome or how interesting he is.

    And you start to gain the Prize Catch behaviour. Inside and outside. Your are full of life and gracious. Do you want this? If you do, then act like you want it. Read the blog. Get the EGuides if the blog spits nothing in your face. Be ready for your head to be reprogrammed (this is major, the main process). Trust me, it’s a great journey to gain your self-worth again. It’s very powerful to be a female inside and outside. It feels sexy watching him gets to be a man. Let’s find out the secret.

  8. Sophia permalink

    Thank you for what you do. I have read and re-read your response from our Email Exchange and I am impressed. It’s as if you were sitting next to me…you truly have a gift of reading through the lines, listening to people. Thank you.

    I’m still digesting your responses but you nailed it when you said he was my drug of choice. I have been feeling terrible withdrawals and have felt as if he was my drug!! Thank you for your empathy, understanding, and guidance. Thank you also for your thorough response…it’s obvious you take your time with your readers. You have been a witness to my struggle and I really want to thank you.

    I also really love your e-Guides!! They’re organized, to the point, and real.

  9. C.P. permalink

    Please keep writing your blog. It really inspires me and keeps me making SMART choices. It’s hard to change old behaviors. The behaviors are deeply ingrained (20 years of chasing). I’m finally doing things differently and relating to men in new way and the results are amazing. It’s so simple: DON’T CHASE. I started reading your blog in October and started dating men with incredible results because I followed your program to avoid disasters and heartache.

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